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Mama’s got a brand new pair of shoes

The shoes I wore for the Disneyland Half Marathon were a half size up from my street shoe size (which is 7.5) and two weeks later I’ve still got the blisters and black toenails to show for it – especially on my left foot. I’d always resisted going up a full size in running shoes. I just felt like my feet were swimming when I’d try them on. Finally I’ve learned my lesson and committed to going up a full size.

I took my old sneaks (the ASICS GEL-3030) over to the Track Shack and got fitted for a new pair.

Worth noting

  • I pronate moderately
  • My left arch is pretty dropped
  • I struggle with IT band and related knee issues on my left side
  • I hate neon shoes, especially orange or lime green.
  • This one’s news to me – my left foot is larger than my right. My left foot measures as an 8, while my right measures 7.5. So I really do need at least an 8.5 in running shoes to keep my toes happy.

I ended up with the ASICS GT 2170, which are pretty similar to my old shoe. A bit more cushion a little lighter, and, oh yeah, they actually fit right. I could do with a little less lime and a little more pink, but it is what it is!

Asics Women's GT-2170 running shoes


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