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In which my thyroid is screwy…maybe

Happy thyroid {Source}

BC (that’s “before cancer” in my world) I noticed that I was losing a lot of hair. Not that I ever had a ton to begin with; it’s always been thin and fine. My dermatologist did blood work. I was low on vitamin D and B12.

I’d been battling high cholesterol, which in my case is genetic, and eating what I’d call a mostly vegetarian diet. Chicken and fish maybe once a week each, red meat maybe once a month. Lots of beans and soy, lots of veggies. It didn’t help my cholesterol one bit.

So a few things happened:

  • I went on cholesterol medicine
  • I started eating red meat once a week, chicken and fish probably twice a week each
  • I started prescription vitamin D
  • I started prescription B12 shots. Yes, shots. I give myself a shot bi-weekly. I hate needles. Hate, hate, hate. But I do it.
  • I saw an endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist did a battery of blood work (by now, my insurance company must cringe when they see a bill with my name on it). The current verdict is that I’m borderline hypothyroid. So borderline that my doctor doesn’t want to put me on meds yet. Yet. We’re re-testing again at the end of November to see what my levels are then.

Thyroid levels are an interesting thing. There seems to be no true standard range. My primary was ready to put me on thyroid meds based on the same levels. The thing with thyroid meds is that once you’re on them, you’re on them for life. So I’m grateful for my endo’s more conservative approach.

I will say this: the B12 and D and dietary changes seem to have helped my hair loss.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if the extreme fatigue I’ve been experiencing the past several months is surgery related, depression related, thyroid related, or another matter all together. I’m curious as to whether thyroid meds would improve my energy level, but I’m hoping that getting my life back to “normal” and running and going to yoga regularly will give me the boost I need to beat the blues.

I guess we’ll find out.


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