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The year that was 2012 {Part 5}

When we last left our heroine, she was recovering at home from tumor removal surgery.

A few days after the drain came out, I was finally able to take a shower. Have you ever gone a whole week sans shower? No bueno. My poor boyfriend. I mean, you can only do so much with baby wipes and dry shampoo!

It was a nail-biting week, waiting for my next appointment. The news I received at that appointment would be the difference between six weeks of radiation therapy (five days a week) and being done with treatment.

Fortunately the news was good. Strange, but good.

The final pathology showed a completely different kind of cancer than the initial biopsy. Instead of the rare microcystic adnexal carcinoma, I had the incredibly common basal cell carcinoma. Boy, was I glad to not be such a special snowflake because that diagnosis meant no radiation.

The day I received the best news of my life – no radiation!

So from then on, it was all about wound healing. Four weeks post surgery I was finally cleared to drive (though not on the highway). Nearly nine weeks post surgery, I was cleared for all normal activity, but cautioned to avoid anything where I might hit my face.

As I write this, I’m one day shy of 11 weeks post-surgery. For the past six or so weeks, I’ve been wearing silicone tape all day, every day over the wound to help with the scar healing. I see my dermatologist in October for a follow up, my plastic surgeon in November for a follow up, and my oncologist in January for a follow up.

The worst is behind me. I do, however, need to be extra vigilant about sun protection. Hats, SPF, all that good stuff. I’m not a tanner, nor a sun worshipper, but I need sun protection every day. Not just when I’m going to be “out in the sun”.

Now that I’ve finally gotten “caught up”, you can look forward (ha!) to some posts about running and the randomness that is my life.

You can view a lot of images from my recovery {some fairly graphic, consider yourself warned} along with some ranting and rambling about the suckiness of it all over at The Patient is Not.


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