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The year that was 2012 {Part 4}

When we last left our heroine, she had paid a vist to the ER. And befriended a murse.

My first few days at home after the surgery consisted of sleeping, eating (fortunately I was able to enjoy solid foods as long as they were small pieces), and watching the Gilmore Girls on DVD.

I was on serious light duty. No lifting. No bending. No squatting. No getting my face wet (which meant no showering since I don’t possess one of those nifty handheld shower sprayers). And, if you recall, no cats. Sad panda.

There was no smiling. No laughing. My face simply wouldn’t allow it. The left side of my face was swollen and I was told “no big facial expressions”. For those that know me, this was rough. I tend to be, shall we say, facially expressive. But that’s not to say that there was no happiness in the days following surgery. Sure there were rough moments, but there were also wonderful moments. Take, for example, the Skittles story.

A week or two before the surgery, I went to see The Bourne Legacy with a friend of mine. I was indulging in my usual habit of eating all the red Skittles out of our shared bag. She was not having it. I tried – jokingly – to pull the cancer card (never mind that I bought the bag of Skittles!) No dice.

In her post surgery stocking up the house with every imaginable thing, Mom had picked up some Skittles for me. While I was sleeping, the boy ate one of the bags. And left me with only red ones. Now that’s love, my friends. That’s love.

The Tuesday following the surgery, I had a follow up visit with the plastic surgeon. Or should I say, one of his minions. (As I write this, I’m nearly 11 weeks post-op and I’ve yet to see him personally and I’ve had 4 or 5 appointments. Oh and nary a mention of the several calls they’d received from me and from the ER on Saturday. But I digress.) The great part about this appointment? Drain removal!

I was incredibly happy to be untethered. Granted, I was still on super light duty, but it was so nice to not have to worry about my every move as it related to the drain tube. However, there was still one more hurdle to be overcome. Would I need radiation?

It would be another week before we’d get the final pathology and I’d receive that news.

{To be continued…}

You can view a lot of images from my recovery {some fairly graphic, consider yourself warned} along with some ranting and rambling about the suckiness of it all over at The Patient is Not.


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