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The year that was 2012 {Part 3}

When we last left our heroine, she had just been released from the hospital following tumor removal surgery and facial reconstruction.

Home. I was happy to be in my own bed. Sad, however, because my cats were strictly forbidden from my bedroom for six weeks. Cat dander is apparently quite the enemy of healing wounds.

By late Saturday, I was in pain. A lot of pain. Oddly, not the incision, but from the drain that was coming from just below the incision site on my neck. It was right on a pulse point and with every beat of my heart it stabbed and throbbed. I tried to rest. I maxed out on pain meds. (I had been given the okay to take 5-15ml of Lortab liquid, and 15 had no effect.) We called my doctor’s service. Twice in the span of a few hours. No return call. The drain appeared poorly taped down so around 11pm, we were on our way to the ER.

We’d wisely taken my discharge papers with us and I think that, coupled with my pale, shaky self (and a pain score of 5 on a scale of 1-10) got me into a room rather quickly. I saw a couple of nurses and a few different doctors. They gave me better pain meds. They called my doctor. Who didn’t call them back either. Um, WTF, doc? WTF?

Eventually the pain got a little better. The awesome male nurse (that my boyfriend and I wanted to befriend because he seemed like a cool guy) taped the drain down much better so that it wouldn’t move. A tube wiggling around in your neck? Who’da thought that would hurt? Yeah…

The docs gave me the choice to stay (we were there for probably 3-4 hours) and they’d try my surgeon again or, if I wanted, I could head home. The pain meds, the lack of sleep, the stress, or a combination of all of the above had me tired to the point of exhaustion, so I chose to go home.

We headed home and I was thankfully able to sleep. And had no more drain pain from then on. Bless that “murse’s” heart for re-taping my drain as I really think that’s what did the trick.

{To be continued…}

You can view a lot of images from my recovery {some fairly graphic, consider yourself warned} along with some ranting and rambling about the suckiness of it all over at The Patient is Not.


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